About Us

   ~Exploring the West Texas Plains with my father over the years, we always marveled at the raw beauty of the area and the strength it takes to thrive in that environment.  We would always come upon the Ocotillo Cactus, and in full bloom, it would always stand out on it's own. When we began managing the T-Hangars at KSSF that was in a sense how we wanted to run our operation, and with the help and support from the great people at SSF, we were able to "stand out from the rest." 

   ~Originally starting with 18 individual T-Hangars, we have been fortunate enough to expand our numbers to 33 and are still looking to grow.  Through quality hangar spaces, excellent service for our tenants, and the friendly staff at SSF, we will have a presence in the airport community for years to come. So if your looking for a quality place to house your aircraft, we welcome you at Ocotillo Aviation LLC.

~Jimmy Martinson (Owner)